Leaf Blower Massacre 2

Leaf Blower Massacre 2

This movie is one of my favorite movies last time. I do not watch many movies online in horror category, but this one was amazing and I am now more into horror, thanks to Leaf Blower Massacre 2. It's really hard to separate good from favorite. With best, you really have to find what makes it important. Taking into consideration the influence it brought to the medium, with writing, direction, cinematography. In Leaf Blower Massacre 2, I escpecially love the soundtrack, one of the best movie soundtracks ever made I didn't expected anything from that movie before and it blown my mind. I know I will back to this movie uncountable number of times in future. I'm not true fan of horror but I enjoyed it like as if I was! I decided to upload Leaf Blower Massacre 2 here, and now everyone can see this movie online for free. I'm sure you won't be disappointed after watching this movie.

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7,2

Views: 26