Whisper Me A Lullaby

Whisper Me A Lullaby

I have watched this movie once again today and this movie is really amazing. By far Whisper Me A Lullaby is the best online movie I have saw this year. It's really hard to separate good from favorite. With best, you really have to find what makes it important. Taking into consideration the influence it brought to the medium, with writing, direction, cinematography. That soundtrack in few words: simple, deceiving, amazing, just right Music playing around is pure soul of that masterpiece. The special effects, action and characters give this movie higher note. You don't need to be a drama lover to enjoy this movie. I don't know any better place than MoviePlanet.se for movies, so I added this movie here, now every single person can watch this movie online for free here. Now get a beer and something to eat and relax with this movie.

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 6,9

Views: 26